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Middleground is a venue built specially for LARPs, by LARPers.

Looking to run a game? We’re only two hours south of Seattle.

Who we are


Middleground is a private event site dedicated to LARPs, owned and operated by larpers. This beautifully forested creek-side venue serves as the ultimate location for your event. Middleground offers 130 bunk-style beds split up between 6 heated converted cabins.

Located centrally in Western Washington, our site is ideal for local games, as well as travelers from Canada and Oregon. 


Here is a current list of amenities with many more to come:

Atmospheric Spaces

  • 40 acres of forested land with miles of trails.
  • A year-round babbling creek.
  • A full view of the stars (weather permitting) 
  • 2 campfire pits and 1 bonfire style pit.
  • Very low light pollution to help with theme, vision preservation, as well as star gazing. 

Modern Conveniences

  • Commercial oven, standard oven and cooktop.
  • Hot and cold filtered water.
  • One deep freezer, one standard refrigerator/freezer and one commercial refrigerator.
  • Plenty of prep space
  • And yes, we do have wifi!

Large tavern style dining

  • Tables and chairs available to be arranged in your own fashion.
  • Thematic fire flicker lighting as well as standard lighting.
  • Views of the surrounding wooded areas.
  • The Tavern is connected to the kitchen for ease of transition.
  • Many power outlets for your various needs.

Other Amenities

  • 2 large fields.
  • On site parking (off site parking is also available).
  • Voice controlled outdoor lighting. (You want all the outside lights to turn a different color as well as have dimming function? We have you covered.)
  • Loads of pre-loaded features to find. (a sword in stone, creepy finds in the woods, a small cave, The Mage’s Circle, Sun Gully, and more!)
  • The Villain’s Lament has its own small field and private trails for those stories that need to be told away from prying eyes.


 13 bunks in three rooms (26 beds), two bathrooms each with a shower.


5 bunks in 2 rooms (10 beds), one bathroom with a shower. Adjacent to Tavern Kitchen.

The Broken Spoke

10 bunks in 4 rooms (20 beds), one bathroom.

The Hallow

6 bunks in 2 rooms (12 beds), one bathroom.

The Oak Leaf

2 beds in a loft and 5 bunks (12 beds).

Villain’s Lament

23 bunks in 5 rooms (46 beds), two bathrooms each with a shower.

Loads of bunk space

  • We have 6 buildings with varying bunk space totaling 130 bunks (with mattresses).
  • Each cabin is fully insulated, has power, mirrors (at least one common space mirror).
  • Beds may be moved to fit your event’s needs.

Every cabin has a story feel free to ask us during your rental what they are. 

Help us add to Middleground, and join us in the adventure!

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Middleground is a LARP site designed by LARPers located on a beautiful tract of land with a creek running through, open fields, and mysterious forest.

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