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Chantelle and Wolf had long dealt with the frustrations that many LARP-runners experience in locating a site that was both agreeable to LARP events and available for booking them.

Finding a site that met these basic requirements as well as being affordable was an ongoing challenge. Finally, they came to the conclusion that many a larper has uttered with gritted teeth: we need our own site just for larping!

The two searched for the right property for several years, while soliciting various banks and lenders and hoarding away the finances necessary to get their dream started. When they came across Middleground, it only took one hike through the woods on the property to realize that they had finally found a site that felt magical.

The work is still ongoing, and the site is constantly being improved, but the fledgling venue opened in 2020 to excited game-runners and positive feedback. It is Wolf and Chantelle’s sincere hope that Middleground can assist in the formation of fantastic adventures and magical memories for larpers in the PNW and beyond.     

For a full list of rental requirements for your event please contact us and we will provide you with a copy of our contract.


The fee is determined by a headcount at $13.20 per person.


You must have event insurance for your event with our business listed as additional insured.


Pets are not allowed on site. However, service and companion animals are. Please contact us for details on this.

Years of Experience


Different berries/fruit growing on site

Treasures Buried on the Property

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